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Volume 1 ~ Issue 7



Volume 1 ~ Issue 7
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Manuscript Id :: 13038
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Operational Calculus of Canonical Cosine Transform
Country :: India
Authors :: S. B. Chavhan|| V.C. Borkar
Pages No. :: 01-05
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017001005
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This paper studies different properties of canonical cosine transform. Modulation heorem is also
proved. We have proved some important results about the Kernel of canonical cosine transform.

Key words: Generalized function, Canonical transform, Canonical Cosine transforms, Modulation theorem,
Fourier transform.
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Manuscript Id :: 13045
Manuscript Type :: Research
Country :: INDIA
Authors :: Mr. M K Maroliya
Pages No. :: 06-09
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017006009
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Economy of structure is one of the basic aspect upon which any design is based .stability plays an important role .but best designer is one who comes out with a design which gives the stable and economic structure .the development of construction technology is closely related to the development of adequate mechanization and handling technology. Hollow concrete block is an important addition to the types of masonry units available to the builder and its use for masonry is a constantly increases. An investigation on construction of hollow concrete block masonry emphasizing in the present to study the crack patterns developed in the structural elements such as reinforced beam. Though the strength of beam constructed with hollow concrete block give the less strength as compared to crick masonry but cost of construction is very less.

Keywords – block masonry, hollow concrete block, strength of masonry.
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Manuscript Id :: 13057
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Speed Control and Monitoring of an AC Motor by Wireless Communication Using DTMF Decoder Technique
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr.Burali Y. N||Assistant Prof. Patil R. T
Pages No. :: 10-18
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017010018
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The main idea of this paper is to control the speed of an AC motor by wireless communication using
DTMF decoder technique which is implemented by an embedded controller. In this we are using Mobile unit for
wireless communication. Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling is used for telephone signaling over the line
in the voice-frequency band to the call switching center. To meet this requirement we have designed an embedded
system [1].

Key words: Embedded Controller, AC Motor, LCD Module, Mobile unit DTMF decoder, Keil Compiler.

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Manuscript Id :: 13078
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Effect of ESD on Data in a Digital Switching Circuit
Country :: Bangalore
Authors :: Rajashree Narendra||M.L. Sudheer||D.C. Pande
Pages No. :: 19-24
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017019024
Full PDF ::
The behavior of the digital data from digital switching circuit when subjected to Human Body Model (HBM) of the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is analyzed. Indirect discharge has been conducted in both the horizontal coupling plane (HCP) and vertical coupling plane (VCP). The results show that the data gets affected based on the position of occurrence of trigger or transient pulse and the coupling plane. The distance at which the pulse is discharged also plays an important role on the amplitude of the transient. The discharge in the VCP affects the digital data more than the discharge in the HCP. When the varying coupling capacitors are used it is seen that smaller the value of the coupling capacitor, more susceptible the circuit becomes to ESD.

Keywords: Electrostatic Discharge; Human Body model; Electromagnetic radiated fields; ESD simulator; Electromagnetic Interference; Integrated Circuit

[1] Rajashree Narendra, M.L.Sudheer, V. Jithesh, D.C. Pande, "Mathematical Analysis of ESD Generated EM Radiated Fields on Electronic Subsystem", Asia Pacific Symposium on EMC, 2010, pp. 449-452.
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Manuscript Id :: 13066
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Detection and localization method of Single and Simultaneous faults
Country :: Monastir – Tunisia
Authors :: Lotfi Mhamdi||Hedi Dhouibi||Noureddine Liouane||Zineb Simeu-Abazi
Pages No. :: 25-35
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017025035
Full PDF ::
In this paper, we are interested in monitoring a dynamic system in order to contribute to the establishment of a general procedure for fault detection. The detection mechanism is based on the mathematical model of the process; we use an observer to generate residuals for a decision in a stage of monitoring and diagnostic system when disturbance or defects occur. Our contribution is the proposal of a diagnostic method when multiple and simultaneous faults affect the system. A simulation example is used to demonstrate the performance of the proposed fault diagnosis method.

Keywords – Fault detection, Fault location, observer, residues.

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Manuscript Id :: 13051
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Design of LDPC Decoder Using FPGA: Review of Flexibility
Country :: Brahmapur, India
Authors :: Asisa Kumar Panigrahi||Ajit Kumar Panda
Pages No. :: 36-41
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017036041
Full PDF ::
Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes have become very popular now-a-days because of their shannon limit approaching error correcting capability and hence have been used in many applications. This paper demonstrates a flexible Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) decoder which is an improvement over other existing work on a general LDPC decoder. In this paper we have presented a fully flexible LDPC decoder design in FPGA which supports different codes and data rates. This decoder finds application in many communication standards such as Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.lln), WIMAX (IEEE 801.16e) and DVB-S2, on a single hardware platform which makes the transition from theory to practice a much easier one. Finally, this paper proposes a method of designing of fully flexible LDPC Decoder in Spartan6- xc6slx16-3 FPGA hardware.

Keywords –Error-correcting code, FPGA hardware, LDPC, ROM Configuration Shannon capacity

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Manuscript Id :: 13081
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Some Inequalities on the Hausdorff Dimension In The Ricker Population Model
Country :: Assam, India
Authors :: Dr. Nabajyoti Das
Pages No. :: 42-45
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017042045
Full PDF ::

In this paper, we consider the Ricker population model , where r is the control
parameter and k is the carrying capacity, and obtain some interesting inequalities on the Hausdorff dimension. Our
idea can be extended to Higher dimensional models for further investigation in our research field.

Key Words: Hausdorff dimension / Ricker's model / Fractals 2010subject classification : 37 G 15, 37 G 35 ,37 C


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Manuscript Id :: 13088
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Design and Development of Switchable Fractal Patch Antenna for GPS Application
Country :: Assam, India
Authors :: Vivek Ram||Vandit Anjaria||Punit Boriya||Nirali Patel
Pages No. :: 46-50
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017046050
Full PDF ::

This paper presents stacked fractal patch antenna for reducing radio frequency interference.
Mitigation of intentional and unintentional jamming of GPS signals is a must in the antenna design for robust
system performance. To achieve this, two fractal patch antennas with different radiation patterns are stacked
one over the other and they are selected using diode switching. This combination of features is packed in a
single antenna unit that can be a direct replacement of existing antennas. Fractal patch antenna is proposed to
reduce the size with miniaturization techniques, not only for the single element structure, but also in the stacked
design. The designs of fractal patch antenna operate at 1.776 GHz for Global Positioning System (GPS)
application. The fractal structure is introduced into the basic structure intended to reduce the frequency of
operation. Hence miniaturization can be achieved. Simulation has been performed using software package
Zeland IE3D.

Key Words: Patch Antenna, GPS, Fractal Patch Antenna.


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Manuscript Id :: 13090
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Multiple Patch Antenna System for Wireless Applications
Country :: Assam, India
Authors :: Vivek Ram||Vandit Anjaria||Punit Boriya||Khushbu Mehta
Pages No. :: 51-55
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017051055
Full PDF ::
A Multiple c-shaped Microstrip patch antenna to provide a wide range of coverage is presenting in this research work. The system consists of five c shaped patch antennas and the feeding network. The feeding network is coplanar waveguide. The feeding network and radiating elements can be fabricated on FR4 dielectric substrate with thickness of 1.6mm and its relative permittivity is4.4. The geometry of proposed system is designed at 2.4GHz and it can improve the system performance by providing wide range of coverage in radiation. The system is used to provide the multiple resonance frequencies for various wireless applications like DCS, MCS, WLAN, Wi -MAX. Modelling and simulation is performed in HFSS electromagnetic simulator.

Keywords – Microstrip patch Antenna, Feed, Substrate.

[1] Simone Ggenovesi,Member,IEEE,Sergio saponara and Aggostino Monorchio,senior Member, IEEE "parametric Design of compact Dual-Frequency Antennas for Wireless Sensor Networks" in IEEE Transactions of Antennas and Propagation Vol.9,No.7,July 2011.
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Manuscript Id :: 13071
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: The Effect of Variable Designs of the Central Receiver to Improve the Solar Tower Efficiency
Country :: Iraq
Authors :: Miqdam Tariq Chaichan||Khalil Ibrahim Abaas||Hussain A Kazem
Pages No. :: 56-61
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017056061
Full PDF ::
Concentrated solar power (CSP) is a method of electric generation fueled by the heat of the sun, an endless source of clean, free energy. This study has focused on the feasibility of improving concentrating solar power (CSP) plant efficiency, by manufacturing a diminished prototype. Three states were studied, coloring the central target with a selective black color, fixing a reflector with arc form behind the target, and using these two changes together. The results showed an improvement in the thermal storage varied from month to month. The maximum stored energy was gained at August with increments about 56.1%, 58.63%, 62.23 and 64.69% for ordinary target, black painting, using reflector alone and black target with reflector together, respectively compared with stored energy for March.

Keywords – Concentrated solar power, target, reflectors, stored energy, glass transmissivity

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Proceedings of Energy Sustainability 2009, July 19-23, San Francisco, California, USA, 2009.

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Manuscript Id :: 13059
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Electrical Properties Characterization of AlGaN/GaN MODFET
Country :: Odisha, India
Authors :: S. Das||R. K. Nayak||G. N. Dash||A. K. Panda
Pages No. :: 62-70
Paper Index :: :07.4721/017062070
Full PDF ::
The electrical properties characterization of AlGaN/GaN based Modulation Doped Field Effect Transistor (MODFET) is reported. Threshold voltage Vth=-3.87 V, maximum saturation current Idss=122.748 mA, gate-source capacitance at zero gate voltage and also maximum gate-source capacitance= 0.161753 pF/μm, gate-source capacitance=0.157233 pF/μm at Id=0.3Idss, trans-conductance (gm) = 31.3806 mS/mm at zero gate voltage, maximum trans-conductance (gmax) = 31.765 mS/mm, trans-conductance(gm) =30.351 mS/mm at Id=0.3Idss has been achieved. The dependence of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas (2-DEG) density at the interface on Al mole fraction and thickness of AlGaN barrier layer is also presented.

Keywords – MODFET, 2-DEG, SILVACO TCAD, Mole fraction, Critical Thickness.

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