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Volume 3 ~ Issue 7



Volume 3 ~ Issue 7
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Manuscript Id :: 28015
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Securing Wi-Fi Network Via Proxy Servers
Country :: Gurgaon
Authors :: Surbhi Gupta || Puneet Bhalla
Pages No. :: 01-05
Paper Index :: : 07.4721/0370105
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"Unsecured wi-fi network (genetically known as Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN) has become a national celebrity in vamp category due to it's misuse by terrorists, in the recent past.Even otherwise, any open and unsecured node, especially wireless,is an extremely serious security hazard for any network, whether it is corporate, personal, home or small office user. Wi-fi networks are in the news in the recent past due to effective misuse of these by terror organisations. They have been misused asthese wireless (wi-fi) networks have been installed unsecured. Withthe misuse by terrorists, unsecured wi-fi misuse has become national celebrity in villain and vamp categories."



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Manuscript Id :: 28018
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Context Aware Fuzzy Rule Based Vertical Handoff Decision Strategies for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Country :: India
Pages No. :: 06-12
Paper Index :: : 07.4721/03706012
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The 4th generation wireless communication systems aim to provide users with the convenience of seamless continuous connection to access various wireless technologies and to have the connection with the best network which provides the best Quality of service. To achieve this goal it is necessary to have a good decision making algorithm which decides the best network for a specific application under which vertical handoff should be performed. This paper proposes a QoS aware fuzzy rule based vertical handoff mechanism Using fuzzy logic quantitative decision algorithm (FQDA) is used as an handoff decision criteria to choose which network to handover among different available access networks. The QoS parameters considered are available bandwidth, end-to-end delay, jitter, and bit error rate (BER). Simulation results show that compared to other vertical handoff algorithms, the proposed algorithm gives better performance for different traffic classes.

KEYWORDS : Heterogeneous networks, Vertical handoff, Fuzzy Rule Based algorithm, Traffic Classes, QoS parameters.


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Manuscript Id :: 28017
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: A Robust Vertical Handoff Algorithm with Dynamic New Call Blocking Probability for Heterogeneous Wireless Mobile Networks
Country :: India
Authors :: Madhuri Chennareddy||Dhanaraj Cheelu
Pages No. :: 13-18
Paper Index :: : 07.4721/037013018
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Global information access to the user will be provided by the wireless networking. Now a day's wireless networking is becoming an important and popular way to provide the global information access to the user while roaming among the heterogeneous wireless network. The main aim of seamless mobility is the availability of Simple and robust vertical handoff algorithm. This algorithm allows a mobile node to move across the various heterogeneous wireless networks. Vertical handoff procedure is needed in order to move a mobile node from one heterogeneous wireless network to another heterogeneous wireless network and battery power is considered as crucial parameter for certain mobile nodes. In this paper a simple and robust two-step vertical handoff algorithm is proposed. To the best of our knowledge, this algorithm is the first vertical handoff algorithm that takes the two classifications of mobile nodes into the consideration. One is resource poor mobile nodes and other is resource rich mobile node. In addition to this new call blocking and dynamic new calling probability is introduced in this paper. The experimental results have shown that the proposed algorithm outperforms traditional algorithm in bandwidth utilization, handoff dropping rate and handoff rate.

KEYWORDS - Vertical handoff, new call blocking probability, Heterogeneous wireless mobile networks


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Manuscript Id :: 26117
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: A View of Management Strategies in Workplace industrial Relations in the Construction Industry
Country :: Nigeria
Pages No. :: 19-33
Paper Index :: : 07.4721/037019033
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ABSTRACT: This paper presents a factor analysis on views of management strategies in workplace industrial relations in the Building and Construction Industry. The purpose is to promote a unitary approach where employees and management can work toward a common goal. It is believed that the strong base of the power isusually translated in terms of hierarchical authority, with individuals at higher levels controlling all activities at the lower levels. On this platform the study examines the relationship between employees and management. mail questionnaire was selected as means of data collection and responses were analyzed using SPSS. Assumption that the observations are drawn from a normally distributed population before using analysis of variance (ANOV A with the Scheffe and F test) to test the propositions. Involved are: top management executives, external stakeholders and all categories of employees engaged in the industry. The test showed that 81.5% of variables indicated no significant difference while 18.5% showed a significant difference at a significance level of 0.05 (accepted).

KEYWORDS: Management, Communication, Factor Analysis, Statistical Reliability and Workplace Industrial relations.


[1] Adams, G. W. (1991) 'Review of Province-Wide Single-Trade Bargaining Process in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Sector of Ontario's Construction Industry', Report commissioned by Minister of Labour, Ontario, 14 December 1990.
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Manuscript Id :: 26118
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Factor Analysis of Job Motivation in the Construction Industry
Country :: Nigeria
Authors :: E.O. Aiyewalehinmi
Pages No. :: 34-42
Paper Index :: : 07.4721/037034042
Full PDF ::

The purpose of this study is to present a factor analysis carried out on the responses to the mail questionnaires sent to the four construction parties involved in the study. The respondents are the four major construction parties: the management, employers' associations, employees and union. 42 construction industries defined as Management, 80 non-managementemployees, 30 employers' Associations defined as Managing Director and Executives and 15 Building and Construction Workers' Union Officials, defined as Unionwere contacted in New South Wales, Australia. Fifteen motivation related variables were examined and items derived were measured on five Likert point scales. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science for Windows) was used for data analysis. The results showed very little difference across all variables in the scores. The outcome of the study showed that the majority of construction crews do not enter the industry because of monetary motivation but for personal skill development.

KEYWORDS: Motivation, Management, Employers' Associations, employees and union


[1] Daniel Carrier, J. (1993): Managing and Motivation People on joint Venture Project', Journal of Construction Engineering. ASCE, Vol. 119, No 4, Pp 503 -517.
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Manuscript Id :: 28026
Manuscript Type :: Research
Manuscript Title :: Several problems in elementary number theory
Country :: China
Authors :: Kaifu SONG
Pages No. :: 43-58
Paper Index :: : 07.4721/03704358
Full PDF ::

We will give a character of indefinite equation and a solution of unitary congruence equation
and quadratic congruence equation, reveal the relation among the original root of Odd prime Numbers, the
Simplified residue system and Square residual.

Keywords: Pythagorean number; Unitary congruence equation; Quadratic congruence equation; The original
root. MR(2000):08B10;1CLC: 0156.1.


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