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Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (September 2014)

Research Article  open access
IBM:The Optimalization Of The Mangrove Fruit Powder Society Group In Sidangoli, West Halmahera, North Mollucas Province. Indonesia
A.R Tolangara , Sundari , Abdu Mas'ud
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (September 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/04900104

The program of IPTEK has been done to the society of mangrove fruit powder home industry in Sidangoli as:1) Execution of spacious study phase have been executed better and get result of that Socialization target group and counselling executedat country side of Sidangoli have been executed better, 2) Execution of phase test antecedent have been executed enough is fluent, so that have earned in flour production of mangrove 3) Society Respon to socialization and counselling of technology making of flour of mangrove at country side of Sidangoli show 86% responder express that socialization technique making of flour of mangrove very clear and is easy to comprehended by responder, 95% expressing got easy materials and appliance, 95% responder express procedure making of flour of mangrove simple and easy and 100% responder ready to develop technique making of flour of mangrove in Sidangoli. Pursuant to result of execution of socialization and counselling of technique making of flour of mangrove can be suggested by some:1) Require to be conducted by adjacent follow-up of flour production of mangrove in Sidangoli. 2) Require to be conducted adjacent and effort independence fasilitated through capital employed aid and flour production of mangrove in industrial scale of working team with local government side orrelevant institution.

KEY WORD: group society, worker, mangrove fruit powder.

Research Article  open access
Performance Improvement of Pulverized Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant: A Retrofitting Option
R.Paul , L.Pattanayak
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049005013

The present study deals with the possibilities of renovation and modernization (R&M) options in an existing 210 MW pulverized coal fired thermal power plant. Three different options along with its cost implications have been discussed based on the performance and levelised cost of generation. The performance of the unit for all the three options is examined under the consideration of increasing the availability of the unit with continuous capabilities to generate power maintaining normal operating parameters over an extended life of at least 15 years. The results revels that with the R&M approach the unit availability can be increase to more than 85%, with a capacity enhancement of 215 MW and the heat rate of the unit will be approximately 2544 kcal/kWh.

KEYWORDS: Coal fired power plant, Energy audit, Life extension, Moving electrostatic precipitator, Renovation and modernization, Techno-economic

Research Article  open access
Activity and Fitness of Worker is extended in the Summer Season with the help of Solar Jacket.
Dr. Santosh Kumar Nath, Dr. Sandip Kumar Nath
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049014018

The temperature of Kolkata and its surrounding areas now a days is very hot and is touching about 40º C. Workers those who are engaged in outdoor activity for long hours is badly effected in hot. If they use Solar Jacket during their activity in Summer, then their activity and fitness is extended due to decrease body temperature. The normal human body temperature is also known as normothermia or euthermia depends upon the place in the body at which the measurement is made and the time of day and level of activity of the person. Beside that many of the children those who study in school/college are taught that a normal or healthy temperature for all person under all circumstances are same. But in practically, the body temperature have different in the different places of measurement. Rectal of baby measurements or measurements taken directly inside the body cavity are typically higher than oral measurements and oral measurements are some what higher than skin temperature. It is accepted that core body temperature internally 98.6ºF. The oral temperature under the tongue measurement is less than 98.2º ± 0.7º F and temperature taken in the other places produce different. But some people think that this temperature is normal a wide range of temperature has been found in healthy people. The life of workers those who works for a long time in Summer, their body temperature become high and due to the temperature, the physical fitness and ability of the worker's body have decreased. But if the workers those who wear Solar Jacket in Summer climate, their body ability somehow have to be increased due to reduced body temperature and also increases physical fitness. Temperature also varies with the change of season during the each year. This pattern is called a circannual rhythm. Studies of seasonal variations have produced inconsistent results. People living in different climate may have different seasonal pattern.

KEYWORDS: Temperature, Solar Jacket, Studies in Summer Season and measurements of temperature in different places of the human body.

Research Article  open access
Emission analysis of Pr3+ & Dy3+ ions doped Li2O-LiF-B2O3-ZnO glasses
L. Vijayalakshmi, V. Naresh, B.H. Rudramadevi , S. Buddhudu
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049019025

The present paper reports on the optical and spectral results of (0.5 mol %) Pr3+ or (0.5 mol %) Dy3+ ions containing Li2O-LiF- B2O3-ZnO (LBZ) glasses were prepared by a melt quenching technique. These glasses have shown strong absorption bands in visible and near infrared (NIR) regions. Pr3+: LBZ glass has exhibited six emission bands in the visible region at 3P0 3H4 (490 nm), 3P1 3H5 (532 nm), 1D23H4 (608 nm), 3P03F2 (652 nm), 3P03F3 (690 nm) and 3P03F4 (723 nm) on exciting at 446 nm (3H4  3P2) and a broad emission band 1D21G4 (1.46 μm) in the NIR region upon exciting with Ar+ laser (514.5 nm). In the case of Dy3+: LBZ glass, three emission bands are observed attributed to the transitions 4F9/26H15/2 (486 nm), 4F9/26H13/2 (577 nm) and 4F9/26H11/2 (662 nm) with an excitation 385 nm (6H15/26I13/2). The emission process has been explained from their energy level diagrams. Besides these, emission decay curves have been plotted for these prominent emission bands, in order to evaluate their emission lifetimes (τ).

KEYWORDS: Melt quenching method; optical glasses & luminescence.

Research Article  open access
Towards Securing E-Banking by an Integrated Service Model Utilizing Mobile Confirmation
Ali Abdollahi, Mehdi Afzali
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049026030

Increasing advances of technology improve providing of services to people. Nowadays, although e-banking technology play an important role in speeding service providing and decreasing distances and costs, but impose some challenges to executives. People are always distrusted to the internet and banking businesses are encountering challenge of security and information privacy assurance to overcome this distrust. They should also provide confirmation of transactions to prevent unauthorized transactions when sensitive authentication information is thieved. In this paper, an integrated service providing model for e-banking is proposed that combining Core Banking and Single Sign-On(SSO) systems' functionalities, provide centralized management, simplicity and reduced faults, and provide more security using transaction approval process by mobile phone.

KEYWORDS: Core banking, E-banking, Integrity, Mobile Confirmation, Security, Single Sign-On

Research Article  open access
Weight Optimisation Of 12"-600 Gate Valve By Using Finite Element Analysis And Experimental Stress Analysis"-A Review
Mr.Shridhar S. Gurav, Dr. S. A. Patil.
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049031032

Now a day's everywhere Optimization concept is in the focus, no doubt its fruit of the cost cutting concept. But while optimizing sometimes quality of product is not given that much importance. Simplest and most common general type of gate valve is a 2 port valve, which has two positions. Open to allow flow and shut (closed) to stop flow. Ports are opening in valve body through which fluid can enter or leave. The ports are typically at opposite ends of body, therefore the disc is rotated a forth of full turn to change from open to shut position.Generally gate valves are manufactured by casting method. Gate valve Body contributes considerable amount of weight in assembly (about 50% of the total weight). So for optimization of gate vale body it is necessary to get the tensile stress pattern of the body, which is possible by using Finite Element Analysis. A previously studied Gate valve carried by classical theory and Finite element analysis by using Ansys. The results obtained by this two methods approximately same. So these results can be used for the further work. The paper gives the brief look on the suitability of gate valve weight reduction by using finite element analysis and compare with experimental stress analysis with matching principal stress one and two and voin mises stress theoretical and actual. and according to that weight reduction of valve body using constrains of valve body pressure and stress..

Research Article  open access
Seeking Exact Travelling Wave Solutions by Two Effective Methods
Shujiang Ding ||Qinghua Feng || Mingjia Han || Wenjing Liu|| Yaping Feng|| Ning Liang|| Yanting Zhou
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049033037

In this paper, we derive exact travelling wave solutions of the DSSH equation by a proposed
Bernoulli sub-ODE method and the (G'/G) expansion method. The two methods appears to be efficient in
seeking exact solutions of nonlinear equations.

Keywords: Bernoulli sub-ODE method, travelling wave solutions, exact solution, evolution equation, DSSH

Research Article  open access
Biochemical Compositions in Muscle and Liver of Normal and Infected Fish of Lutjanus Johni off Visakhapatnam Coast
Sowjanya Pilla || Ratnakala M || Vijaya Lakshmi M || Sree Ramulu K
A.P. India
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049038042

Proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in muscle and liver tissues were studied with respect to different seasons in Lutjanus johni. Lipids are elevated in infected liver tissues, 10.27mg/g, (±0.58). Whereas decline of protein has been observed in infected muscle tissue 74.60mg/g, (±2.61) compared with normal fish 78.29mg/g, ±1.86. Some fluctuations have been observed in total carbohydrate content in infected fishes.

Key Words: Carbohydrates, Lipids, Lutjanus johni and Proteins.

Research Article  open access
Verilog-A Modeling and Analyzing of Piezoresistors Connected into Wheatstone bridge and used in MEMS Device Processing
N. Delibozov || R. Radonov || M. Hristov
Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering & Science 2014, Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 (Septembert 2014)

Paper Index :: : 07.4721/049043050

Microelectromechanical system design presents a unique engineering challenge. In addition to the both mechanical and electrical design knowledges, a MEMS engineer must have computer aided design (CAD) tools to design devices. Hand analysis of the investigated mechanical structure is the first step in the design process. In the traditional MEMS design flow, the engineer will proceed with a finite element or boundary element simulation using software such as MEMS Xplorer, Coventor's ANALYZER, ANSYS, or FEMLAB. Hand calculated design is verified and refined using these packages until the structure meets the engineer's specifications. A macromodel of the structure then is created. During the device designing is made an analysis in order to test functionality of the circuit and to avoid any kind of design errors before sending to the factory for manufacturing.

Key Words: Macromodel MEMS, MUMPs process, Verilog-A, Wheatstone bridge

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